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Party Platters
Assorted chocolates

Choose any (4) of the items below:
Pretzels   Milk    White    Dark
Coconut Clusters    Milk    Dark
Peanut Clusters    Milk    Dark
Raisin Clusters    Milk    Dark
Almond Clusters    Milk    Dark
Rice Krispie Clusters    Milk    Dark
Toffee Crunch Clusters    Milk    Dark

Choose (2) of the items below:
Peanut Butter Cups   Milk    Dark
Solid Chocolates   Milk    White    Dark
Caramels   Milk    Dark

Small: Serves 8-10,  $22.00

Medium: serves 12-15,  $40.00

Large: Generously serves 20-25,  $60.00

Corporate Gift
small platter

photo soon
medium platter


large platter 

If you do not see what you need, please email LD's Chocolates at sales@ldschocolates.com and let us know what you are looking for.
We'll do our best to accommodate you!









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